build a stronger business network

a friendly and welcoming approach to business networking for business owners and professionals across the South

an opportunity to mix with like-minded people and build, grow and expand your business

Connect with other business owners and professionals to build trusted relationships; because people do business with people they trust.


Connect with other business owners and professionals to build trusted relationships that raise your business profile, professional reputation and brand.


Collaborate to grow your business and open up new opportunities with referrals, new customers & suppliers, partnerships, new ventures, joint promotions, investments, and more.


Learn from other business professionals; expand your perspective and get support from your business peers on the challenges and opportunities you have.


of new business comes from networking1


of people trust referrals from people they know2


of business owners acquire business through word of mouth3

business networking that works

because people do business with people that they trust

Make new connections online and build in-depth, trusted relationships at our in person events


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a different approach

See how our approach to networking is different

business networking that works

Make new connections online and build in-depth, trusted relationships at our in person events.

getting more from networking

Are you viewing business networking solely as a way to gain new contacts and sales? It's so much more than that!

Your networking aim doesn’t always have to be one of making money or gaining business cards; sometimes coming away with information and resources can be the most valuable outcome. Next time you network have a different aim in mind and take the opportunity to realise value in other ways.

View things from a different perspective by sharing opinions, discussing viewpoints, and getting feedback. Networking enhances your knowledge; talking with like-minded business owners and professionals gives you the opportunity to learn and obtain advice from them on any conceivable topic related to your business.



How often do you find yourself frustrated with a task, project or activity you need to do, but lacking inspiration? It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day internal focus of your professional area and end up in a rut.

By talking to other people in your field or those with expertise in a particular area, you can gain insights which only come from viewing a situation with fresh eyes.

find a new


Take the opportunity to get the advice and support of your peers and discuss the opportunities and challenges that you have.

Networking is a superb way to tap into advice and expertise that you wouldn't otherwise be able to obtain.  The ability to obtain specific advice from the right person can sometimes be a critical factor in business and personal success.

get support

  & guidance

Networking can open your eyes to new possibilities and teach you about industries or trends that you never knew your company could break into.

It can also help you obtain advice on a specific topic, to share vital information or to learn about new skills, software or products that your business and/or team can benefit from.

develop new


Stay up to date by talking to other professionals and business people in your industry.

There's a wealth of knowledge and ideas that can come from people in your network, giving you ideas for business growth, development of yourself and your business, as well as how to tackle problems and issues.


  fresh ideas

Take the time to talk about best practices, business tactics, current and future market trends. A network of well-informed contacts means access to new and valuable information.

get market


    don't take it from us

    See what our members and visitors say about TBN business networking

    A thoroughly brilliant group

    I have been a member of TBN for over three years and it is hands down, the most productive and profitable network I’ve been involved with in over a decade in business.

    The meetings are structured and formal yet delivered in a relaxed and friendly manner that is so welcoming. If you like networking then this is a brilliant group that is well worth trying out.

    Gareth R.

    Absolutely love this network

    It's fun, lively and friendly. A fantastic community of fellow business owners who are genuinely interested in getting to know each other and giving real value, over and above selling.

    I've been a member for a while now and with that philosophy, it has been beneficial both personally and for my business growth.

    Heidi S.

    Highly recommended!

    TBN is a friendly, welcoming, supportive and collaborative networking group.

    A great mix of face to face and online meetings that provide the opportunity to connect, grow, do business (and laugh quite a lot!).

    I would highly recommend.

    Lucy K.

    Recommend TBN

    Total Business Network has the perfect balance of structure and informality, both at the-in person and online events. I have been a member for just over a year, and have made some fabulous connections in that time.

    I was new to networking for my own business when I joined, and TBN has been brilliant for cutting my teeth and building my network.

    Laura D.

    The best business networking group

    Total Business Network is by far the best business networking group that I have been a part of. It’s a perfect blend of business and friendship, with no pressure or awkwardness.

    The ‘right’ people attend events and a lot of work is passed between members, with it being very beneficial to my company. It’s one of the few networking events that I want to get out of bed and go to, and never regret doing so.

    Aaron W.

    First event and a very welcoming experience!

    I attended my first TBN event this week and found all the existing members very welcoming. The event ran smoothly, to time, was very well organised and a lovely venue.

    I am looking forward to the next one.

    Pauline V.

      come and visit

      The best way to find out what Total Business Network is really like is to experience it for yourself.

      We can offer you a complimentary guest pass and welcome visitors to experience both our online and in person meetings and events.  We would be delighted to see you!